It is really easy to protect yourself from Cancer

For this subject, we need to talk about:1- What is cancer, 2- DNA, 3- Free Radicals and 4-Antioxidants.

1- What is cancer. One gets cancer because some cells of his body repaired wrongly when damaged.

2- DNA. Each cells of the body has DNA. It is the program of life just like a computer program.

3-Free Radicals, Oxidants. They are by products of the conversion of food to energy and building, rebuilding and repairing cells.

4-Anti-oxidants. As the name indicates they neutralize oxidants inside our body. Our body makes some of them and we get some of them from fruits, vegetables and good gut bacteria.

We get cancer because oxidants damage our cells and their DNA. When damaged cells with their damaged DNA, repaired they get repaired wrongly. Because their repair program, DNA, is damaged. After that the wrongly repaired cells multiply as cancer cells.

The reason oxidants damage cells and their DNA, is the lose of balance between oxidants and antioxidants in our body. The volume of oxidants becomes more than the volume of antioxidants. This explained by the pictures bellow. In the first picture the risk of cancer has increased because oxidants has increased and become heavier than anti oxidants. In the second picture, the risk of cancer has become extremely low because the volume of antioxidants has become more and heavier than the volume and weight of oxidants.

Free Radicals, Oxidants, Rusts
Antioxidants, Enzymes, Vitamins

So the solution is to find away to create more antioxidants than oxidants in our body. We can do that by: 1- Exploiting external antioxidants, 2- stopping external oxidants, 3- Reducing internal oxidants, 4- Saving internal antioxidants :

!-Raw, not cooked, foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts, are full of antioxidants, Enzymes. When we eat them we get their antioxidants and the antioxidants of another source, good bacteria, in our guts..Good bacteria become active only on raw diets like fruits, vegetables and nuts.

2- Reduce or better to avoid consuming processed foods. They are full of oxidants.

3- Do coffee Enema. It stops fire storms of oxidants from colon entering our blood stream. This saves a massive amount of antioxidants inside our body.

4- Reduce or better to avoid smoking, alcohol, meat and meat products and dairy products. They waste a lot of antioxidants as well as digestive and metabolic enzymes, which can be converted to antioxidants.

It is worth mentioning that the weight of brain is about 2% of the body weight but it consumes 50% of oxygen intake. This creates a fire storm of oxidants without damage because it has the first priority to get antioxidants. Almost similar fire storm of oxidants enter our blood stream from our colon. But it has low priority. That is way the roots of all types of cancer start from colon. This is expert views. So just with a simple coffee enema, once a week, should keep all types of cancer away.

Please note that the brain fire storm of oxidants is not without damage. It causes slow gradual damage, which comes to light during late ages as Dementia and Alzheimer's diseases. So taking precautions against cancer also protectts against Dementia and Alzheimer's diseases at late ages.

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